Daily Buffet Meals for Companies

We provide meals for Hospitals in disposable packs for inpatients and attendents. we provide Meals for Lunch and Dinner as well as Break fast in disposable packages if there is adequate quantity.

For big hospitals especially with 100 beds or more with good inpatient numbers it is possible to run the cafeteria with meals and other options for patients and attendees.  If the hospital has less than 100 beds and has widely variying inpatient numbers it becomes very difficult to provide the qualtiy meals.  Here we an help hospitals by providing consistent quality meals in disposable packs.

If you are running a hospital or know any hospital that needs this service please contact us to know more about our unique process and to benefit from engaging our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the minimum quantity for delivering meals for Lunch or dinner at Hospitals ?
A. We take orders starting from 15 pax for lunch or dinner meals deliver.

Q. Will all the meals delivered be in Disposable packs ?
A. Yes. For inpatients and Attendents of the patients it is hygienic and convienient to eat if Lunch or Dinner Meals are delivered in Disposable packs.

Q. Do you provide meals for Hospital staff also ?
A. Yes. We do provide meals for Hospital staff with term contract. We provide these meals in Buffet type or in Individual packs as per the hospital needs.

Q. How is the pricing of these meals compared to restaurants of good hotels ?
A. As we will be providing the meals on term contract as well as with less operational overheads our meals will cost very less compared to similar option with Restaurant or named Hotels. In most of the cases Hospitals will save more than 40% in cost.

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Buffet Meals2

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By corpinch / January 23, 2017

Buffet Meals

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