Daily Buffet Meals for Companies

A buffet is the type of meal service where meal items are already placed and diners serve them selves. In practice in companies people generally follow two different types of Buffet system.

One type where the food is placed in the containers and employees or attendees serve them selves and in the second type of scenario the employees or attendees are served by serving staff. It is not a big deal to hire serving staff for Events or big ticket meets or conferences, But it becomes an expensive proposition to have serving staff to serve daily meals at your office or company on daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Buffet type meals serving suit all the companies for employee daily meals requirement ?

A. Certainly Not. weather it is daily meals for lunch or dinner, Buffet meals will not suit all.

Q. What are the main considerations for deciding Buffet style meals for employees ?

A. There are multiple factors to consider in this regard mainly 1) quantity of people or number of pax 2) Duration of the meal time 3) Pricing or Budget

Q. When to select Buffet type meals for employee daily meal service ?

A. It is advisable to go for this service when the minimum Pax. or the Minimum count of employees for the meals is 50. Another point to consider is the duration of the meal time. If it is too long then the employees who are coming in the later time window may not get hot meals. Example. If there are 50 people who are having meals with in 40 min to an hour Lunch or Dinner time window this type of service will work. In the other case where 10 to 15 employees walk in at 12:00Pm for lunch and next set of 10 to 15 employees walk in at 1:00PM and the last set of people walk in at 2:00PM because of their job responsibilities then this buffet meals system will not work.

Individual Pack Meals for Companies

Meals in Individual packagesIndividual Meal packs are required in some offices for lunch and dinners. This type of packing is also preferred by large gatherings in outdoor meets where it is very difficult to serve Buffet style lunch and dinner because of sheer number of attendees and the logistics involved to fulfill the requirement in timely manner. Individual meal pack means all the Items of the Menu will be individually packed and placed in a Bag. It can be Brown bag (eco-friendly) or the plastic bag based your budget and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will you provide Daily meals for offices in Individual Meal packs ?

A.Yes. we do provide these individual meal packs for lunch and dinner for offices and also for gatherings.

Q. When should we choose Individual Meal packs over Buffet meals ?
A. Couple of things to consider here

1) Quantity – If the qualtity is low like 20 or 25 employees it is better to go for Individual meal packs
2) Timing – If the employees are taking lunch or dinner in groups with scattered timings over 2 or 3 hours, it is better to go for individual meal packs.

Q. Will there be any problems if we choose Buffet type instead of Individual meal packs when quantity is low ?

A. Yes. There will be lot of quantity related issues that will pop up.

Q. Are Individual meal packs expensive compared to Buffet meal ?

A. They are not very expensive. Depending on the Menu you will get these packs with marginal packing cost added to the meal cost.

Disposable Pack Meals for Companies

Disposable Meal packages are mainly used in Hospitals to serve Inpatient daily lunch , Dinner or Snacks. This provide very hygenic way of providing daily lunch or dinner for the patients and also is very convinent for the Patient or attendent because the food can be consumed at the Patients Bed itself.

Disposable Meal packages are also very much used for Business meets or conferences where the attendees can have a working lunch. These are also extensively used for out door gatherings or events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should we choose Disposable meal packages ?

A. For Hospitals especially the ones that do not have dedicated cafeteria with large enough space these type of meals packaging will save lot of hassels. For business meets if your intention is to have working lunch where the team is not planning to move out of the room and want some thing very convinent this is the option to choose.

Q. Will there be any restrictions on the Menu if this Disposable meal package option is choosen ?

A. Yes , there will be some limitations on what can be packed in these but generally most of the food items can easly be packed in these.

Q. Are they Expensive ?

A. Yes. they are expensive relative to buffet style as the disponsables cost is added to the meal cost.

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